BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System SIGN UP Info

Click on this AUTO BLOG POST SYSTEM link, scroll down to the table and click on the link in one of the 3 rows to complete the 1 page sign up under a secured SSL encrypted site where all your payment information is under top security with the latest security features. You see the sign up promotions in red font as well as this next sentence: INCLUDED WHEN YOU SIGN UP IS: A FREEĀ  A FREE BLOG HOSTING ACCOUNT AND A FREE INSTALL OF WORDPRESS ON THAT FREE ACCOUNT. This means you can start auto posting right away to your new free WordPress blog account once it is set up!

Ordering an additional Blog Site includes installing WordPress on it and integrating that new WordPress blog site into your BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System so with 1 post click you can auto post to more than 1 WordPress blog site! Imagine all the links to all your promotions from all the posts on all your WordPress sites!

After You have signed up for one of the above 3 plans (by clicking on the Sign Up Link on one of the rows in the table) your web private blog auto posting account will usually take a 1-3 business days to set up (depending on number of sites ordered) and you will get emailed instructions what to do. Then you can do your first auto post to your new blog site and see how easy recurring posts can be set up.

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